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When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. And by dying I mean shuffle back and play another game. 

A Game Of Thrones the living card game is a 2 to 4 players (up to 6 with 2 core boxes) card game that puts you in control of one of the great houses of Westeros. You will put in play great characters like Eddard Stark and Danerys Targaryan. You will control locations like Castely Rock or the Wall. You will play events such as Dracarys! and Olenna's Cunning. You will even give characters items, for example the milk of the puppy or the great Valyrian sword Ice. All of this in the palm of your hand.

But paying for all of this is not cheap, and you will need gold. For that comes the plot cards, a revolutionnary system where you have a second deck of cards, 7 to be precise, that you will not shuffle. Instead, at the beginning of each turn, you choose the plot you want to play that turn between those you have left. A plot card will dictate how much gold you get this turn, your initiative (the highest one decides to go first or last), you claim (the strenght of your challenges) and the reserve (the number of cards you get to keep in your hand at the end of the turn).

Each turn, after the Plot, Draw and Marshalling (recruiting) phases, you get to the challenge phase. Now you can make up to 3 challenges, one of each type. The first one is military, where the goal is to kill a character of the opponent. The second one is intrigue, to make the other player discard a card from his hand. The final one is the power challenge to steal a power token from the target. Those power tokens are the key to win the game. The first one to fifteen wins. There are others ways to win power tokens, like an unopposed challenge (when the target of the challenge doesn't put any defenders) or the renown keyword on a character, which gives him a power token if he is on the winning side.

These are the basic rules, but what you get is a great tactical card game, where every decision is crucial, from the choice of your plot card for the turn to the order in which you declare each of your challenges, or if you declare any at all or keep all your units to defend. 

The game is qualified as a living card game, and that is different from a collectible card game. The game is expanded by Chapter packs, which contains 20 new cards, in 3 copies. There is nothing random in these packs. You get everything you need in one pack (expect for this core set, which you might want up to 3 copies as each card is in only once and you may put up to three of each card in your deck). There are also Deluxe expansions, that focus on a house, but the other houses get new ways to fight that house.

For a list of all the cards in this set, click here.

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Designer Nate French
Length 1 - 2 hours
Min Player # 2
Max Player # 6

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