About Us

NeoValhalla, strange name, some find it hard to say. So why did I pick this name ? For one thing, I'm a fan of Norse mythology. Secondly, a lot of stores use paradise in their name, and in my vision of the store, I wanted a place where it would be paradise to play. Did I succeed ? You'll have to come to judge for yourself :)

But most of you will buy online and you don't really care that my chairs are confortable and that playing a game in store is free, even if you borrow one from my collection. You will care that the price is cheap and that the package arrives fast and in good condition. We send the package the same day if you order before 2:00 PM, and inspect the boxes before. If it is slightly damaged, we will send you a picture and you will have the option of canceling, or negotiate a rebate depending on the severity of the damage.

I have a great passion for boardgaming, that is required, but I also have the passion of costumer relation, which some don't have. I didn't opened the store thinking I would spend all day gaming, I mean I still have to clean the bathroom, wash the windows and the floors, but when you enter the store, I will be there to talk to you about games, and give you advice on games that you'll love, not the one that I think is the greatest game ever because everybody have different taste. 

If you're still reading, you're losing precious gaming time, but I'll talk about myself. Father of two young children (3 and 1 year old), I first worked as a programmer but I needed to move, work physical. I returned to school and worked construction as a land surveyor. Quite a change, one that I loved. But my body was tiring faster than my passion for that job and I had to change. I took my chance and opened the store. We'll see where it takes me next.