Underated cards of EaW

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Hi all,
I thought they wasn’t enough content for SWD yet (a bit of sarcasm), so for those who like to read a lot, I decided to add my voice to the chorus. A bit about me: My name is Philippe Paquin, from Canada and I’ve been playing card games for 5 years now. I started with Game of Thrones LCG, then Warhammer Conquest and now Star War Destiny. I’ve had success through the years, winning a National Championship and several Store Championships. My friends have once described me as a bit of a brewer. For those unfamiliar with this term, I’m the kind of guy who tries to create deck to beat the meta or to change some cards to an existing deck to get an edge. As example, I’ve been to 8 Store Championship this season of Destiny and I’ve won 3 of them, with EPhasma/Trooper/Guavian, EObiwan/Rey and EGrivious/Dooku. As you can see, there is hope outside of EPoe/EMaz and Rainbow deck.
I decided for my first article to talk about some cards I think were a bit underrated with the release of Empire at War. Here my top 3, as well as some honorable mentions.
So far I haven’t seen anyone getting too excited about Drop YourWeapon. This card is exactly what I’ve been looking for in the meta of Spirit of Rebellion: a universal removal to help counter weapon decks. Even if FN doesn’t end up getting an errata, I feel that this card along with Salvage Stand, will give Phasma decks a good way to slow down decks that really rely on weapons.
One of the first cards to be spoilers in the Empire at War set; this card didn’t get the credit it deserves. Playing it as a first action, allow the villain player to both control his opponent dice and play a two cost upgrade, or to play the very good Riot Baton on the first turn. This is a solid card for me that deserve a mention.
In first place we got BazineNetal, Master Manipulator. Clearly, with her dice icon, we are looking at a control character. Sadly, her special didn’t help her get a good reputation, and most people looking for villain mill immediately jumped on the Thrawn/Unkar bandwagon.
It might be true her special isn’t what you are looking for in a control/mil deck, but the 4 other faces of her dices are good enough to still make her relevant. But what deck could she slot into?
Rogue / Command
Sets: From Awakenings to Empire at War
Medical Center, Kaliida Shoals (Empire at War #158)
1x First Order Stormtrooper (Awakenings #2)
2x Unkar Plutt, Junk Dealer (Spirit of Rebellion #21)
2x Bazine Netal, Master Manipulator (Empire at War #16)
2x Crime Lord (Awakenings #23)
1x Prized Possession (Awakenings #102)
2x Blackmail (Spirit of Rebellion #23)
2x Imperial Inspection (Spirit of Rebellion #70)
2x Salvage Stand (Spirit of Rebellion #88)
2x Probe Droid (Empire at War #6)
2x Hound's Tooth (Empire at War #20)
1x Detention Center (Empire at War #88)
1x Cannon Fodder (Awakenings #68)
2x The Best Defense... (Awakenings #75)
2x He Doesn't Like You (Awakenings #97)
1x Lying in Wait (Awakenings #98)
2x Flank (Awakenings #156)
2x Electroshock (Awakenings #159)
2x Loose Ends (Spirit of Rebellion #84)
2x Buy Out (Empire at War #80)
2x Coercion (Empire at War #81)
Here’s a deck I think that have the potential to be nearly as good as Thrawn/Unkar (we need to see if Poe get an errata first, damn those Thermal Detonators) This deck, like Thrawn/Unkar can play salvage stand and Imperial Inspection without any problem. The deck also have access to Red and Yellow cards, just like Thrawn/Unkar. So what’s the difference then? A bit more health with 25 points over 22 and access to some different cards such as Loose Ends and Cannon Fodder. Loose Ends is a good mill cards for this Unkar deck, because Unkar can afford the 2 resources cost and Cannon Fodder/The Best Defense are good control cards. Finally Flank is always a good addition in control deck, and Thrawn/Unkar can’t really play it reliably.
Even when Bazine’s 4 relevant die faces aren’t being used, her cheap dice are still useful for He Doesn’t Like You and Unkar’s ability.
Honorable mention
Battle of Wills/Indomitable/Endurance
While Indomitable and to some extend Endurance might not have been underrated, I think those three cards together help to push Emperor Palpatine. Battle of wills will often be good; because of the natural high value of the Palpatine dice and his upgrade such as Force Lightning,Palpatine can get the most out of it. Endurance allows playing his dice, even after they got removed and Indomitable is most of the time an extra three health. Long life to the Emperor!
Some might be surprised to see Chopper here, but some players in my meta were wondering if they could play him, and if so in which deck?
The answer to the first question is obviously for me yes. Chopper is just a very efficient 1 cost support, and even if you don’t play C3P0 or you don’t roll his special side, you will actually get value out of him regardless of the roll.
As far as the second question goes, I think as of now Chopper will see play in the Hera vehicle deck, as well as in EPoe/Ezra/Rebel Trooper deck, both of which have the potential to be real contenders.
So that it for me.Are there any cards you think I’ve missed? Do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know your comment and I’ll see you soon for another article.

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