Tie Reaper New
Protect Scarif from the forces of the Rebellion ! Deploy the Deathtroopers !AttackFront Arc 3Evade1H..
City of Gears New
Become the founder of City Of Gears and earn your place in history !The city of the future was start..
Jagged Alliance : The Board Game New
Fight for Freedom ! Kill for Cash !Based on the popular PC game from 1995 and many sequels, Jagged A..
NXL Episode 3 - Revenge Of The Wingman New
Third event in the NeoValhalla X-Wing League.Team-battle with two players having 75 pts each joining..
Star Wars Destiny : Rivals Draft Set New Pre-Order
Wanna play on equal grounds ? This Draft Set will enable a new way to play Destiny !- Draft and seal..
Star Wars Destiny : Luke Skywalker Starter Pack New
I want to learn the ways of the force and become a Jedi like my father !The Luke Skywalker starter p..
The Dungeon Master's Guide is the ultimate tool every Dm needs to bring life to their world.&nb..
A Game Of Thrones Core Set Out Of Stock
When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. And by dying I mean shuffle back and play ano..
Catan vf Out Of Stock
Terre en vue! Soyez le premier à coloniser l'île de Catan. Mais attention, vous ne serez pas seul, c..
A game of teamwork and deceptionA hybrid between a light deduction game like werewolf and a worker m..
Best place to play games, great prices and a friendly staff. My new place to be on friday nights for gaming with people as fanatic as me!
- Frédérick Jetté
J'ai été propriétaire du X-Games à st-jean-sur-richelieu et je peu vous dire par expérience que se sont des passionnés et dévoués donnant leurs 110% . Prix plus bas que sur le Net. Vous avez même la chance jouer des parties avec les jeux déjà ouvert pour vous faire une idee. ALLEZ LES VOIR À VOUS NE SEREZ PAS DECU!
- René Baillargeon